"As water reflects the face, so one's life reflects the heart" ~Proverbs 27:19

Anything worthwhile to say?

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Why should I blog? No, seriously...I've been thinking about this a lot lately! What do I have to say that someone will find worthwhile to read?

I follow quite a few blogs. Most of them are personal friends who are talented in so many ways that make me extremely envious. 

For instance there's my cousin, a full time super mom who runs a business, raises 3 kids, has a successful marriage and seems to have fun while doing it. Or, my witty neighbor, a budding novelist who blogs about everything from her adventures at Walmart, to diaper duty with her small son, to childhood memories. Or two of my friends from high school who are both so creative it's nauseating! One is a Julia Child/ Martha Stewart combination, and the other is teacher who just happens to be a talented photographer on the side. Mind you, they both are full time mothers and wives! Seriously!?!? 

Then you have the thought provoking type. Like my friend that blogs about a lot of theological stuff, which sometimes is over my head! His zest for Christ is so contagious and I find it so interesting and refreshing to learn from him! Or there's one of my favorite profs from grad school. He happens to also be a published author, a project management consultant, a keynote speaker, AND an awesome family man! His blog is peppered with everything from discussions and advice on project management to his life experiences! Or there's my sister's blog. She's been posting about her transition from Corporate America to her calling in the Church! Her posts have been pretty profound lately...not to mention she has the cute puppy posts going for her too! 

Then you've got the inspirational bloggers! I actually use to write for one, and loved it! The stories are so heartfelt and so raw, and the battles that people shared were both heartbreaking and encouraging.

Finally, there's the baby bloggers! Seriously, who can compete with cute babies and all the adorable things they do and say!?

I don't think I lead an inspirational life, I don't have a cute dog, I can't sew or give you crafty ideas, (I struggled to get a "C" in home economics y'all!) my cooking skills are none to brag about, I have no cute kid to woo you over, nor am I a vast pool of professional experience and knowledge! 

So, what do I blog about then?!  

No clue, but here we go..........

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