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Playing Dress Up

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I will admit, I was not one of those girls who dressed up a lot, although there were a couple times I'd put my mom's high heels on or find an old bridesmaid dress in the back of her closet and day-dream I was Cinderella. Evenso, I still loved watching movies and loved some of the pretty costumes the leading ladies got to wear.

I came across this article from Marie Claire  The 20 Greatest Movie Dresses of All Time. Go ahead and read it, I'll wait for you, and I promise you'll love almost each of the dresses.

Welcome back! :) I don't know if you think anything like me, but I definitely thought this list was lacking! Not that I didn't agree with their list (although, there were one or two I didn't particularly agree with), but I thought there definitely were some amazing dresses they forgot.

So here's my additions to their Top 20!   

I use to imagine this scene from The King and I where Debra Kerr and Yule Brenner dance across the ball room and I was the lucky girl in that gold dress! "one-two-three and one-two-three!" {photo source}

I find it very surprising the next dress wasn't on their list. Although I give them props for mentioning her dresses in My Fair Lady & Sabrina. This one is definitely a classic!

Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's

Here are some of my other favorites..in no particular order of course! 

Vivien Leigh in Gone with the Wind

Drew Barrymore in Ever After

Julie Andrews in Sound of Music

Rosamund Pike & Keira Knightley in Pride & Prejudice 

Sleeping Beauty

Glinda the Good Witch in the Wizard of Oz

Marilyn Monore in Seven Year Itch

These are of course just the ones that came to the top of my head, and I know I'm missing a ton! So feel free to let me know which ones you'd love to see on the Top Movie Dresses list!

I hope you each get to enjoy a bit of "make believe time" today--or at least remember that precious time of your own childhood!



  1. Yes, but for Sleeping Beauty's dress: I say, make it pink! ;)

    1. No, I liked the blue better! And actually one of my friends on FB pointed out an error...Sleeping Beauty is on the Top 20 List! oopss!

      And her dress is blue on the list too! ;)