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Won't You Be My Neighbor?

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"A bad neighbor is a misfortune, as much as a good one is a great blessing" ~ Hesiod 

I know it is probably not a rarity in rural America, but in a larger city I know how rare it is to know your neighbor. Especially in Dallas, where everyone parks in the back alley, 8 foot fences seclude you from view, and no one is ever in their front yards.

I, however, can thankfully admit that one of my many blessings since moving to Dallas is being able to say that I not only know my neighbor, but she is one of my Texas kindred spirits! LR and her small family live two houses down from us. We live in a very quiet neighborhood, and 2 years ago this week I met her right when I needed her the most...

My husband and I had been married for 3 months and were 500 miles away from our parents, siblings and friends. I was unemployed and learning to master the art of homemaking (still a work in progress sadly).  I was beyond lonely, spending my days with soap opera characters as friends, and after 3 months I took it up with the Lord that I needed some friends, and fast.

On a sunny Sunday afternoon in March we decided to head outside to do some lawn work, when something caught my eye. A tiny lady, came walking down her front steps and was holding what appeared to be a new born. She saw us outside and came over to say hi. My heart was overjoyed and spilled over with happiness as she asked if she could stop by some time when her and her little man were out for a stroll!

And you know what? The next day my door bell rang and I opened the door to see her smiling face and her son bundled up in his stroller. We went for a walk and ended up at a nearby Starbucks for a couple hours. I have no idea what we talked about, but I can still picture us curled up in our corner chairs, sipping our coffee and green-tea, talking about our lives and cooing over her precious little one. 

Since that afternoon we've had many walks, coffee dates, lunches, tea parties, book discussions, movie nights, and laughs. We've had BBQ's, birthday parties, pool parties and celebrated so many of life's blessings together. 

Not only did we make these memories together, but LR introduced me to two of her truly amazing friends, whom I now adore and call my kindred spirits too! (Oh, and our all of our husbands are friends now too!)

And all this happened just because one woman had the courage to come over and say "hi" to another!

A trip to the Dallas Arboretum. ~Oct. 2011 
(L) Me & LR (R)

So yes, meeting your neighbors can be terrifying, at first. Yet, the blessings can be so plentiful!!

Do you know your neighbors?



  1. Several of my best friends are those who, like your neighbor, decided to just knock on my door and introduce themselves. We had just moved 3 miles out of town, into the countryside, and I was without a car all week, and a several month old daughter. One had been sent by a friend who said "I know someone who just moved your way, and I think needs a friend". And the other stopped by to offer a clothes drying rack, because she "couldn't stand to see me hanging diapers out on the line in the cold weather". She knocked on the door, said "You don't know me, I live down the road 1/2 mile, I'm ......"

  2. It can also help to have a crazy mother...

    Long before I met my princess, I lived in 3 or 4 different apartments... At some point, shortly after I moved in - mom would come over to "straighten up" or some such nonsense... I'd come home from work to find her cleaning, and there would be 4 to 6 cups of sugar on the counter... And mom would explain that she "introduced herself" to all of my neighbors by borrowing a cup of sugar. And now I had to return them... You met my mom - you can probably imagine how that worked.

    It can be more of a challenge to know your neighbors in an urban environment, particularly if you don't have access to a crazy mother. Too often, neighbors are very transient - by the time you have time to meet someone, they've moved on. Laura and I are VERY lucky to be so close to so many of our neighbors -- they not only love us, and we love them, but so many of them know and love you, Jenn!

    I miss your face... Love, Steve

  3. Steve, I love your neighbors and so thankful that you've shared them with us on our visits!

    I also love your "crazy mother" she is such a sweet woman and I know she's always had your best interest in her heart...whether it's a crazy thing like collecting 4 cups of sugar or her telling everyone she meets about her son and the gift he received from a special girl! :)

    Love to you and Laura!

  4. Aww, Jenn, I replied to this on Facebook but not on here! I loved hearing this back story to how our little girl's group got started. I'm so glad you two connected so that I could meet you. Definitely a good lesson and encouragement to reach out more often.

    1. Amanda, I got an email of your post on FaceBook! I plan on commenting on all the FaceBook posts after Easter! :)

      I am touched by your responses both here and on FaceBook! I am so thankful for you, Lisa and TK! You all brighten my life so much!! Love you! xo