"As water reflects the face, so one's life reflects the heart" ~Proverbs 27:19

A Yoga Ball & a Reminder

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Last week, we got together with our new small group!  I will admit I am very excited to get to know these 3 families better and dig into the Bible together. 

Joseph and I have a small home (more than enough space for the two of us) and it always seems overflowing when we have lots of friends over...overflowing in a great way though! We decided to put the girls in the other room with Dora as the babysitter and the adults were in the living room trying to get to know one another better.

Only minutes later, my large red yoga ball came rolling into the room with a tiny face just barely peering over it. With large eyes, a sweet smile and her little hands hugging it for dear life, Lainie pushed out this ginormous ball and giggled over and over, "BALL...BALL...BIG BALL!" 

I've thought about that moment a bit since then, not only because our 20-month-old little friend is so adorable and the memory of her wide eyes and giggles bring a smile to my face. I've thought about it because it was such a simple moment really, yet the look on her face was like she thought it was the best thing in the world.

It's just a red rubber ball, one that I walk by every day--and keep telling myself one day I'll use it. It's just like the memory with J-man, it was truly a small moment, yet again I find myself being taught a valuable life lesson from a 2 year old.

When do we lose the excitement about the little things? When do we grow up and walk past or not even notice the small things that we use to find such joy from (and I'm not just talking about a yoga ball friends)? When do we start taking the small things for granted?

Maybe life is just too busy. Maybe we don't take the time to notice the world around us. Or maybe we are just too distracted by all the stuff we have around us to notice how blessed we are.

Try to notice something around you that you miss everyday!

Love and blessings to you my friends!


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